• Putting People at the Center of Solutions
  • Putting People at the Center of Solutions
  • Putting People at the Center of Solutions
  • Putting People at the Center of Solutions
  • Putting People at the Center of Solutions

News and Publications


The Missouri Foundation for Health has released a report about their project, Childhood Asthma Linkages in Missouri (CALM), which features findings from CMCD's cross-site evaluation. Visit their website for the complete report.

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Human Capital Blog included a post featuring CMCD faculty affiliate Dr. Ann-Marie Rosland and talking about her research on novel strategies for improving chronic illness care by supporting patients' spouses and other informal caregivers. Check it out here.


The Alliance to Reduce Disparities in Diabetes: Infusing Policy and System Change with Local Experience
Results from the Alliance to Reduce Disparities in Diabetes have been published in the November 2014 supplemental issue of Health Promotion Practice. The issue features ten manuscripts authored by members of the Alliance program sites and the National Program Office. A podcast with HPP supplement co-guest editor Tawara Goode, Director of the National Center for Cultural Competence and Associate Director of the Georgetown University Center for Child & Human Development, is also available. Listen here.

An Anthology of and Tribute to the Life and Work of Noreen M. Clark
Health Education & Behavior published a special tribute issue in October 2014 celebrating the research and life of CMCD’s founding director, Noreen M. Clark. Eight selected publications written by Dr. Clark and her colleagues between 1982 and 2013 are included in the issue and represent some of the key areas of Dr. Clark’s work. The issue was compiled by guest editors at the CMCD and in the Health Behavior & Health Education department at U-M School of Public Health. 

Food & Fitness Community Partnerships
The W.K. Kellogg Food & Fitness community partnerships and their work were highlighted in a special issue of Community Development in September 2014. Authored by various partners including the funder, grantees, and members of the evaluation team, the articles included in the issue describe the processes and strategies used by the nine community partnerships to create sustainable systems and policy changes related to opportunities for good food and physical activity in their neighborhoods. The Food & Fitness community partnerships are part of a larger portfolio of investments by WKKF known as Food & Community.


Advancing the Management of Chronic Disease

HandsThe Center for Managing Chronic Disease conducts research and demonstration that aim to build the capacity of individuals, families, communities, and health care systems to effectively prevent and manage chronic disease. It is a worldwide collaboration of researchers and interventionists who focus their work on management of heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, breast cancer, allergy, Alzheimer's disease, and factors associated with obesity. The Center pursues its mission nationally and internationally collaborating with colleagues who are doing innovative work related to the social, behavioral, environmental and clinical aspects of chronic disease control. The Center fosters these collaborations to create new approaches to disease management and also adapts projects and programs successful in one area for use in another. We disseminate successful interventions so they reach the largest number of people, in particular, low-income families, minorities, children, older adults and women. While no one intervention is likely to change the picture of chronic disease, the Center believes that careful research of an array of solutions for individuals, families, clinicians, and systems will evolve into what collectively can achieve optimum disease management and control.