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Accelerating Impact Program (Translating Research to Action)

“Implementation science” is a relatively new field that seeks to find effective ways of bringing together teams of researchers, clinicians, policymakers, and people living with chronic disease to integrate research findings into practice. Implementation science includes specialized approaches to designing evaluations and working across disciplinary boundaries to have an impact – and CMCD includes several experts in this important field.

With funding from the JPB Foundation, CMCD established an Accelerating Impact Team to move effective interventions out into the world as quickly and efficiently as possible. The team is initially focusing on the adaptation and implementation of asthma interventions, working with partner organizations that will ultimately take over program management and scaling. These partners will develop the capacity to deliver proven services, and CMCD will work with the Center for Healthcare Research and Transformation to create business models so that partners can sustain their work.

Throughout this process, we will provide information to stakeholders and share best practices that can influence practice and policy. Our ultimate goal is to create process so that evidence-based chronic disease interventions are available to the people and the communities where they are needed most.

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