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Asthma Health Outcomes Project (AHOP)

To better understand what makes asthma programs successful, the CMCD Asthma Health Outcomes Project (AHOP) was created and funded under a cooperative agreement with the Indoor Environments Division of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Through this project, CMCD identified asthma programs around the world that include an environmental component and have demonstrated a positive impact on asthma-related health outcomes.  Our goal was to identify the factors that are associated with success. AHOP identified over 500 asthma programs worldwide, of which 223 reported completing an evaluation that demonstrated improvements for at least one asthma-related health outcome. Through telephone interviews and review of program documents and published literature, data were gathered about each program, including its background, planning and design, administration and implementation, and evaluation design.

In highlighting the strengths and challenges of their programs, respondents emphasized the importance of having close ties with the community, collaboration among organizations and agencies, being connected with clinical care, and shaping programs for individual needs.  This feedback and similar messages from communities participating in CMCD initiatives are part of the reason why we seek to put communities and community-clinical linkages at the center of our work.

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