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Empowering Patients on Choices for Renal Replacement Therapy

Every year over 100,000 patients start kidney dialysis in the United States. Traditionally, the choice of dialysis treatment includes the two most common modalities, i.e., hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis.  Most of the time, that choice is driven by the medical team with little attention to patients’ preferences. Under the leadership of Laurie Lachance, PhD, CMCD is partnering with the Arbor Research Collaborative for Health in a study funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) called “Empowering Patients on Choices for Renal Replacement Therapy.” The goal of this initiative is to understand the patient perspective for decisions about chronic kidney disease treatment options.

The research team includes an advisory panel composed of patients and caregivers, researchers, health care professionals, and patient advocacy organizations to assure that the questions addressed are the most important to the people living with dialysis. Findings from this study will provide practical information to patients and caregivers and will allow patients to play a more active and informed role in decisions at this pivotal transition in their lives.

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