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Exploring Global Perspectives on the Management of Pediatric Asthma in the Community Pharmacy Setting

Pharmacists are at the frontline of the primary health care team. However, very few studies have looked at pharmacists’ attitudes, levels of confidence and self-reported pediatric asthma management practices on a global scale.

With funding donated to CMCD from the Askwith Foundation, CMCD affiliate Minal R. Patel, PhD, MPH and colleagues are conducting a survey of community pharmacists in the US in order to identify their knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors regarding counseling pediatric asthma patients. The investigators plan to conduct a trans-national comparison between these community pharmacists and a similar survey of pharmacists in Australia. The results will be used to determine the feasibility of pharmacy asthma education initiatives conducted transnationally.

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Asthma & Allergies, Community, International, Physicians & Providers

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