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Food Allergies in Childcare Centers

Up to 25% of children with food allergies have their first reaction at a childcare or school setting, where foods associated with food allergies such as milk, eggs, and nuts are common. In particular, childcare personnel who are responsible for the feeding and care of young children usually have limited medical experience regarding recognition and intervention of potentially life threatening food reactions. To address this challenge, CMCD investigators are investigating a uniform approach for prevention, recognition, and intervention of food related reactions in childcare centers.

The initiative is directed by CMCD affiliate, Harvey L. Leo, MD and is being conducted at eight University of Michigan daycare centers. Facilities are being trained in using a systematic approach to educate parents, children, and staff about food allergies, allergy prevention, and emergency management. This collaboration between medical personnel, public health organizations, families, and childcare centers may provide new insights into making these places safer for food allergic children.

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