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Improving Follow-up Rates for Asthma Care Visits

Asthma can be effectively managed with preventative practices that include a combination of appropriate therapies, trigger avoidance, and routine follow-up care. Routine follow-up with a health care provider can be critical for asthma patients and their families. However, rates of follow-up care after acute asthma exacerbations remains poor in many healthcare settings.

With funding donated to CMCD from the Askwith Foundation, CMCD affiliate Minal R. Patel, PhD, MPH and colleagues aim to identify and address the most important risk factors for poor adherence to asthma visits and poor outcomes among University of Michigan Health System (UMHS) patients. The investigators will conduct interviews with asthma patients experiencing barriers to follow-up care, and then develop and pilot a decision tree with brief evidenced-based interventions tailored to address those challenges.  If the tool is found to improve visit attendance, the team will evaluate its impact on asthma-related health outcomes and costs via a larger, NIH-funded trial.

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