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Managing Multiple Chronic Conditions

Many individuals, including most people in later life, manage multiple chronic conditions. People with multiple chronic illnesses face constant challenges including: poor coordination of medical care, managing complex medication regimens, coping with symptoms and functional limitations, making difficult lifestyle behavior changes, and navigating bureaucracies related to obtaining and paying for health care. Because these problems are common, costly, and a huge public health burden, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Research has highlighted the importance of research on improving the health of individuals with multiple chronic conditions as a priority within the Strategic Framework for Multiple Chronic Conditions and in the Institute of Medicine’ report Living Well with Chronic Illness.  Meeting the intensive demands of multi-morbidity is challenging, and CMCD investigators are working to develop interventions that are both “high tech and high touch” so that patients get the support they need in a way that’s financially sustainable.

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Multiple Chronic Conditions

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