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OPT-IN Project (Translation of Opiate Overdose Prevention Strategies)

Evidence from a recently completed, CDC and UM Injury Prevention Center-funded, efficacy trial indicated that emergency department patients at risk for prescription opioid overdose reduced their level of overdose risk behaviors in response to a motivational interviewing-based intervention. In that study, participants randomized to the intervention had a 40.5% reduction in level of overdose risk behaviors, compared to 14.7% in controls. The OPT-IN project is a translation project that builds upon the prior project by integrating naloxone distribution in the motivational interviewing-based intervention and developing tools to aid dissemination. The OPT-IN Project Team partnered with CMCD to develop an online toolkit to be used to train healthcare and service organizations on use of the intervention for their clients. The OPT-IN online toolkit includes training videos and interactive worksheets, screening for potential clients, an online interactive intervention guide, and information to connect those clients with other related resources.


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