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Peer-to-Peer Support Program: Diabetes

With funding from the National VA Health Services Research and Development program, CMCD affiliate, Michele Heisler, MD, MPH and colleagues conducted a randomized trial evaluating the impact of peer support on diabetes patients’ self-management behavior, glycemic control, and service use.

CMCD staff developed a specialize telephone platform allowing peer support pairs to talk regularly without sharing personal information. The study showed that peer support program participants experienced a significantly greater improvement in glycemic control than patients receiving nurse care management. Patients in the peer-support group also reported more support for their diabetes care, and a greater number of peer-support patients initiated insulin therapy.  Importantly, intervention benefits were greatest among patients who entered the trial with the poorest glycemic control, i.e., the patients most at risk for complications.

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Diabetes, Informal Caregivers, Telephone, Veterans

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