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Peer-to-Peer Support Program: Heart Failure

Although disease management programs for patients with heart failure (HF) are effective, they are often resource intensive, limiting their uptake. In this randomized controlled trial, CMCD-affiliated investigator, Michele Heisler evaluated a novel approach to improving HF self-management and outcomes via peer support. Reciprocal peer support (RPS) arm patients participated in a HF nurse practitioner-led goal setting group session, received brief training in peer communication skills, and were paired with another participant with whom they were encouraged to talk weekly.

CMCD developed a specialize telephone platform allowing RPS pairs to talk regularly without sharing personal information. While trial results did not identify intervention impacts, the approach to peer-support facilitated by new communication tools remains promising and a priority in CMCD.

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Heart Failure, Informal Caregivers, Telephone, Veterans

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