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Physician Asthma Care Education Plus Cultural Competency Training (PACE Plus)

Massive resources are expended every year training physicians to be more aware of cultural differences and to improve their communication with patients from minority communities. This “cultural competence training” is a focus of continuing medical education nationwide and is part of the curriculum of virtually every medical school in America. Despite how common it is, no rigorous study has assessed whether cultural competency training for physicians results in more effective behavior change support or better health outcomes for patients.

Under the direction of Randall Brown, MD, MPH, AE-C, CMCD investigators are leading a randomized trial comparing an evidence-based program called Physician Asthma Care Education (PACE) to “PACE Plus”: (Physician Asthma Care Education Plus Cultural Competency Training). The study builds on the groundbreaking work of CMCD Founding Director, Dr. Noreen Clark. The study includes 90 physicians in Atlanta, Georgia, Bronx, New York, and Michigan and 1,192 of their African American and Latino/Hispanic pediatric asthma patients. The study will determine whether PACE Plus produces better outcomes for minority patients and their parents.  This project is one of the many important advances in chronic illness care spearheaded by CMCD founding Director, Dr. Noreen Clark.

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