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The CarePartner Program: Diabetes, Depression, and Heart Failure in the Rural Midwest

With support from the VA Office of Rural Health, CMCD investigators implemented the CarePartner Program in 16 midwestern VA Community-Based Outpatient Clinics. The goal of the program was to improve self-management support for rural patients with complex chronic conditions who often have difficulty traveling to clinics for face-to-face self-care education and monitoring.

Over 500 patients with diabetes, heart failure, or depression enrolled in the program. More than 80% of diabetes patients improved their ability to treat low blood sugar, treat high blood sugar, check their blood pressure, and manage their diet. Ninety-five percent of diabetes patients said that the information provided by the automated assessment and self-care support system was helpful, 92% said it was easy to use, and 85% said it provided helpful hints for managing diabetes. Diabetes, heart failure, and depressed patients reported better mental health and better physical functioning as a result of being in the program.

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Depression, Diabetes, Heart Failure, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Mobile Health, Multiple Chronic Conditions, Rural

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