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The CarePartner Program: Hypertension Management (International)

Hypertension and its complications represent a growing threat to low/middle-income countries (LMICs). Mobile health technologies may improve hypertension control, but LMICs lack resources to provide these services. In this study, CMCD investigators evaluated the benefits of a mobile health approach to improving blood pressure control and other outcomes of hypertension. Participants with high blood pressures were enrolled from clinics in Honduras and Mexico.

Intervention patients received weekly automated monitoring and behavior change telephone calls developed by CMCD, plus a home blood pressure monitor. At follow-up intervention patients’ systolic blood pressures decreased 4.2mm Hg relative to randomized controls. In the subgroup with the highest need for information, intervention patients’ systolic pressures decreased an average of 8.8mm Hg. Intervention patients also reported fewer depressive symptoms, fewer medication problems, better general health , and greater satisfaction with care.  Learn more about the CarePartner Program.

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Hypertension, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), International, Mobile Health

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