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Women of Color and Asthma Control

Research and practice efforts in asthma continue to ignore one of the most vulnerable groups of Americans: minority women. Although women are more likely to live with asthma than men, CMCD researchers found no trials specifically designed to identify an effective intervention to help African-American women manage the condition. Given that asthma continues to be felt more keenly in the African-American community, creative, culturally appropriate approaches are needed to reach and assist black women and decrease the impact of the disease on them, their communities, and on the health care system.

The Women of Color and Asthma Control project is a randomized controlled trial evaluating an innovative intervention among 420 African American women with asthma. The study is testing a highly tailored telephone counseling approach to address both specific cultural factors affecting asthma management and the influence of gender on asthma control. The results will provide important information about the feasibility and value of programs to address persistent racial and gender disparities in asthma outcomes.


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