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Women take PRIDE

Under the direction of CMCD Founding Director, Dr. Noreen Clark, CMCD investigators created the program“take PRIDE” for supporting self-management among older adults with heart disease. The program was called “take PRIDE” because it focused on Problem selection, Researching one’s daily routine, Identifying a self-management goal, Developing a plan for goal attainment, and Establishing a reward.

In Women take PRIDE, CMCD investigators conducting a randomized controlled trial comparing two delivery modes of take PRIDE among 1,128 women age 60 years and older. Participants received the “Women take PRIDE” self-management program through six weekly group meetings. In the alternative self-directed version, the women attended an orientation session and then completed the six-week program at home and on their own time with telephone support from a nurse health educator. After 18 months, the self-directed format resulted in significant improvements in cardiac symptoms compared to controls and reduced frequency of symptoms compared to the group format. Participants in the group format reported improved physical functioning at 12 months compared to the controls and greater weight loss at 18 months compared to women receiving the self-directed format.

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