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The CarePartner Program: Adrenal Cancer

Under the direction of CMCD-affiliated investigator, Gary Hammer, MD, PhD, Director of the U-M Hammer Laboratory, CMCD is conducting a pilot randomized trial of a mobile health intervention designed to assist adrenal cancer patients and their clinical teams with managing chemotherapy. Adrenal cancer is a rare cancer with a high rate of recurrence and poor prognosis. The only current FDA approved agent for treatment, mitotane, is a derivative of DDT and often causes severe side effects. Current treatment monitoring standards are dependent on patient-initiated communication and require multiple calls between the patient, clinic staff, and outside laboratories.

For this trial, CMCD developed a specialized automated (IVR) symptom and dose monitoring system for patients undergoing chemotherapy. Patients’ IVR feedback focuses on their ability to tolerate their mitotane regimen, and results are sent to U-M’s specialty teams for decision-making and further support. Outcomes of the trial will include the number of days needed to reach a therapeutic mitotane level.

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