Mission & Vision

CMCD investigators work to build the capacity for effective chronic disease prevention and management. We emphasize improving systems of care for the most vulnerable members of communities around the world. Our projects take a systems approach to understanding and identifying the barriers faced by people with chronic illnesses, their social networks, clinical teams, and healthcare payers. We conduct innovative research and disseminate results that can help to change policy and practice. We accomplish these goals by bringing together teams of researchers, health professionals and community members, including experts in health behavior change, health technology, and implementation science.  Our clinician colleagues are experts in primary care, geriatrics, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic pain, cancer, respiratory disease, and mental health.

With strong expertise in dissemination, program evaluation, and implementation science, we work to move important innovations from research to practice and adapt programs found effective in one context to new areas where they may also improve patients’ experience with care.  CMCD places a priority on ensuring that proven interventions reach the largest number of people, in particular, low-income families, racial/ethnic minority groups, non-English speakers, children, older adults, and women.  To do that, we emphasize rigorous science disseminated through traditional academic channels, as well as making available toolkits and training materials so that interventions found effect can be widely adopted.